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About the FLGPA

The Florida Golf Players Association - FLGPA is a Golf Club established by DCI Golf/DeSilva Communications, Inc., to promote the game of golf, provide members with the opportunity to establish and maintain a USGA-GHIN Handicap Index, and promote Business and Social Networking opportunities for its members.

The FLGPA uniquely provides its members with a cost effective Club alternative by providing a GHIN Handicap and organizing Tournaments at various golf courses, throughout the year. The Club encourages golfers of ALL skill levels to get involved and actively participate in the game. 

Golfers who reside throughout the State can join the FLGPA in order to establish and maintain a USGA- GHIN Handicap. For more information, contact us by e-mail to:


The USGA Handicap System was established to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling players with differing abilities to compete on a more equitable basis. The purpose of the Handicap system is to measure a golfer's potential ability to play, rather than how he or she is currently playing. In order to obtain a USGA Handicap Index, a golfer must belong to a Golf Club.

The Golf Handicap and Information Network is a computation system established by the USGA and provided to state and regional golf associations. The Florida State Golf Association administers the GHIN system for the USGA. The FLGPA is a Club that is officially sanctioned by the Florida State Golf Association. As such the FLGPA will at all times keep records and establish handicaps for its Members, in accordance with the guidelines established by the USGA. Members who do not have a USGA Handicap will be assigned one according to the GHIN system.

It is important to note that the golf handicap system has always relied on the integrity of the individual golfer. Therefore, it is each Member's responsibility to record his or her individual scores accurately and promptly or contact the FLGPA to record your scores and maintain your current handicap.

Tournament Play - Rules & Regulations
USGA Rules of Golf will govern play, along with local course rules, when applicable,

The FLGPA, DCI Golf and DeSilva Communications, Inc., shall not be liable to anyone, member or otherwise, for any damage or claim arising out the Club's operation. Any member applying and being accepted in the FLGPA hereby waives any claims for damage which may exist either during or after the members period of membership, whether or not such claim for damage was caused by negligence or otherwise
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